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Fire Damper Testing

What is a fire damper?

A fire damper can be defined as a device installed in ducts and air transfer opening designed to close automatically upon detection of heat. It also serves to interrupt migratory airflow, resist the passage of flame, and maintain the integrity of the fire rated separation.


Its primary function is to prevent the passage of flame from one side of a fire-rated separation to the other.


Is your building compliant with legislation BS 9999:2017? Compliance requires that fire damper testing is carried out annually. This test requires a visual inspection of the fire damper, a drop test and a report.


How our service works:

  1. • Identify fire dampers.

  2. • Conduct test of each damper.

  3. • Provide comprehensive records of fire damper testing, including before and after photographs.

  4. • Identify any problems and recommend remedial actions required.

  5. • Fit / replace access doors if dampers are inaccessible or need additional access.

  6. • Carry out remedial work where required.

  7. • Provide detailed digital report.

Curtain Fire Damper.JPG
Catch Fire Damper.JPG
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