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Kitchen Deep Cleans generally include the permanent structures of kitchens - complete food  preparation and production areas, servery areas and heavy equipment and furniture. The process involves cleaning surfaces with appropriate degreasing  and decontamination chemicals, removing all food and production debris such as scaling and carbon deposits, leaving everything sanitized. Details as to the extent of the cleaning and confirmation of cost will be agreed before commencement .


A kitchen deep clean is likely to include:

•  floors

•  ceilings

•  walls

•  drains and gullies

•  fittings

•  UV canopies

•  grease canopies

•  filters and plenum chambers

•  heavy equipment  

•  ovens

•  steamers  

•  deep-fat fryers  

•  brat pans  

•  convection ovens  

All our cleaning services are carried out to current regulatory standards of hygiene.


On completion we will issue a certificate of work done together withbefore-and-after photographs of the equipment/areas treated.


This is an important part of the service because insurance companies and the various regulatory bodies require that you keep proper records.

•  rotisserie ovens   

•  ancillary equipment/furniture

•  preparation tables  

•  cupboards  

•  drawers  

•  sinks  

•  sluices  

•  waste-disposal units

•  racks  

•  trolleys

•  fridges, freezers and dishwashers




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