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When cleaning blinds Lodge use a process called Ultrasonic Cleaning. The blinds are removed from site and brought to our factory, (or cleaned at your premises) they are then dipped in a solution containing an anti-bacterial agent. High frequency sound waves are passed through the solution creating tiny bubbles which grow until they implode violently on a microscopic scale.

  • The bubble turns into a jet

When these implosions takes place near a hard surface the bubble turns into a jet, about a tenth the size of the bubble, which travels at speeds of up to 400 kilometres an hour. Temperatures in excess of 5,500 degrees centigrade and pressure of over 10,000 pounds per square inch are generated at these implosion sites.

  • A highly effective cleaning action

The jets combination of pressure, temperature and velocity produce a highly effective cleaning action and the small size of these jets, about a tenth of a micron wide, give ultrasonic cleaning its ability to reach very small crevices and clean intricately shaped objects.

Benefits include:

  • Off-site full immersion ensures that no dust or bacteria is redistributed through ‘flick’ dusting

  • All parts of the blind and its cords are disinfected and microscopically cleaned

  • Slats are given an anti-static treatment

  • Internal mechanisms are cleaned


Once cleaned blinds are carefully inspected, minor repairs are performed as standard by our team experienced technicians. After inspection they are hygiene packed and prepared for delivery back to site or for refitting by one of our professional Service Delivery Technicians

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