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We have the experience and expertise to take on all high level cleaning tasks.  We carry out high level cleaning to all types of establishments - from MoD Gymnasiums to railway stations to internal and external structures.  On the exteriors we can do a complete surface clean or if required just the gutters, or windows , or facias, or pest issues.


Lodge Cleaning Services operatives are fully trained and certificated in PASMA and IPAF .  Our abseilers are certificated by IRATA.


High level cleaning is often overlooked - out of sight, out of mind . Only when a problem occurs and becomes a hazard to the company’s operations and staff is the need for regular inspection and cleaning realized.


Our high level cleaning package includes a thorough risk assessment and statement of proposed methods of operation  specific to site requirements.  This will include all necessary Health & Safety equipment as well as clear-up staff and safety staff at ground level.


We use a wide variety of equipment to gain access to areas of concern, from cherry pickers and scissor lifts to scaffold towers, MEWPS, booms, etc.  Cleaning is carried out in many forms, from high pressure washing  to  hands-on cleaning, from mechanical methods to high level boom dusting.

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