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Filters are the critical part of  grease  extraction systems.

The nature of their function means they need more regular attention than the rest of the system in order to prevent the build-up of grease and increased risk of fire.

All filters are cleaned in appropriate degreasing chemicals, washed and dried, checked for condition and any defects reported to you.

Our Filter Cleaning Service will be tailored to your specific needs. Frequency of cleaning depends on your operation, bearing in mind that clogged filters increase fire risk, diminish the performance of extractor fans and allow an increased grease build-up in the system - requiring earlier and more extensive cleaning to the whole system, adding to your costs and inconvenience.

For peace of mind and assured efficiency we recommend that our clients invest in a second set of filters ready for immediate installation when required. This allows the soiled filters to be cleaned and held ready for the next cleaning cycle.

We can supply your replacement filters at reasonable prices. 

On completion you will receive certification of work done. This record will cover Health & Safety Regulations and insurance requirements regarding the servicing of filters.

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