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The main safety concern with Grease Extraction Systems is the high risk of fire. Hence the need for regular deep cleaning. We are all too aware of the tragic results of neglecting this responsibility. [Such as South Mimms and Heathrow Airport.]

Frequency of cleaning depends on usage but insurance companies generally state an annual clean as the minimum requirement. Health & Safety and Fire Safety  Regulations also require regular monitoring and cleaning of these systems.

Our costing will depend on the type (e.g. UV - self-wash), condition (grease build-up), length and accessibility of your Grease Extraction System. Be assured that our price will be very competitive and that the work will be carried out professionally with concern for detail and adherence to current industry standards and regulations.

Included in the clean:

Ducting (where accessible), all filters and housings. These are cleaned in appropriate degreasing chemicals, washed, dried and checked as to their condition and any defects reported to you.  Where agreed, access panels are installed to provide better access into your duct system.

On completion we will issue a certificate of work done, together with before-and-after photographs of the equipment/areas treated using our custom digital reporting software. This is an important part of the service because insurance companies and the various regulatory bodies require that you keep proper records and ensure compliance.

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